Medio Maratón de Montaña del Ocejón

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Compromiso bidireccional

The Mountain half marathon of Ocejón is thought of as a feast for runners-climbers, whose main goal is to have fun. To achieve this, the event organizers and volunteers will do their best to get it. 1- There will be a camping area in the village itself, Robleluengo,to be used by runners and their friends and families. 2- You will be given a number as well as a unique T-shirt, at 14.00 in Centro Social in the Era. 3- From 16.00 on, we will be able to enjoy a jumble sale. 4- At 17.00 the race will start in Era in Robleluengo(Guadalajara). Along the track, there will be five provisioning stalls, some water and sport drinks will be provided; in two of them, some quince and bananas will be also available. At the finish line there will be some food and drinks. 5- Any waste objects (bottles, cans, debris...) must be thrown away in the path, never in the woods or thicket. After the last runner, a group of cyclists will pick up the race signs and the litter. 6- Additionally, cold shower, massage and medical service will be available at the finish line. 7- There will be two time controls to avoid the runners and volunteers being at risk, as if the race lasted longer than necessary, it could get dark. The first control will be in 10,300 km (second provisioning in Peña Bernardo)and the runners will have to be there before 1,30 h for the beginning of the race. 8- The second control will be in Majaelrayo, 19,000 km; in this one, the runners will be there before 3,15 h from the beginning. If they arrive after this time, they will have to give their number to the race personnel who will ask for it, and they will be out of the race. 9- Any participant who shows great difficulties during the track, could be excluded by the event personnel. If this happens, coming back to the finish line will be facilitated. 10- The distribution of prizes will be held in Plaza Mayor of Robleluengo at 21,30h, where all the participants who have finished the race will be given a hand-made prize. After this, a musical concert will start at the same site. 11- All the half-marathon runners will be covered by an accident insurance policy. 12- The number and chip must be placed in a visible spot and in proper conditions. 13. All runners agree that their image may be made public. 14- We have to take into account that the Mountain Half-Marathon is a very demanding race, with great slopes; therefore, those who want to participate in it, must have an excellent physical and mental training. The race starts at level 1,170msnm, arrives at the Pico Ocejón peak (2,049 msnm), and goes back to the starting point. Its slope is about 1,900 m. Its distance, well measured but has not certified, is 21,097 m.

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